Cake Wreck

Look at this piece of shit'

So my boyfriend has a potluck tomorrow.  He volunteered me to make a cake of some sort.  Logical, right, since I love to bake stuff.  He asked for a whole cake rather than cupcakes.  So I made him a pumpkin bundt cake with cream cheese filling and cinnamon glaze.  Easy enough.  I love baking and who can’t make a bundt?

I baked it and let it cool slightly.  I wanted it still warm on the tray so when I put the glaze on top the heat would melt the glaze and create those delicious pools and drips down the side of the cake.  The kind of thing that makes people want to eat all the cake all the time.  So I tipped the bundt pan and fate intervened.  I somehow slid the cake tray and the bundt ended up half on and half off the tray and began to crack everywhere.  It also started to expand and completely lose its bundt shape.  I tried to save it by putting it in the fridge to cool it down quickly and try to fix it.  But I mentioned glazing the cake while it was still warm and my boyfriend was all ‘you should do it, then you can just slide it over when the cake cools’  I shouldn’t have listened to that loud mouth.  I should have put the bundt pan back over the cake and let it cool and then slid it over… but no.  I created cinnamon butter soup.  I managed to slid it a teeny bit to get the whole thing on the tray so I could put the lid on.  The end result is a delicious cake that looks like DJ let it bounce around his car on the way to the office potluck.  At least thats what I’m going to tell him to tell everyone happened.

I will vindicate myself.  This is not the end of me!

PS.  I might have been near tears over this ugly ulgy cake.  What does that say about me?


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