Can you ssssmmmmeeeeellllllllllllllllllll what the Rock is baking?

somebody call my mama


So I am lucky enough to be BFF with one of the handsome gentlemen over at Counting The Lights ( and they invited me over to watch a live abortion!  Just kidding, kind of, they invited me over to watch the Royal Rumble PPV.  They’re a fun group of guys so of course, I baked cupcakes and headed over.

I thought they’d all ‘mark out’ for cupcakes with their logo on the top, so thats what I did.  I recently made peanut butter cupcakes for Christmas and they were delicious so I thought that a house full of boys would like them.  I also brought fritos and diet soda because I am an excellent house guest and bring the goods.  And they’re good hosts and provided manwich, aka God’s greatest gift to man. They live-tweeted the event, so even if you missed it, you can feel like you were watching it.  With a room full of dudes who had been drinking two types of bloody marys since noon that day.  Follow them on twitter –  @countinglights – and definitely check out their site.


Onto the cupcake recipe….

I thought about being lazy and just posting a link to my previous post, but I guess I won’t self promote.


1 box Devil’s Food cake mix

12oz diet cream soda

24 mini reeses cups, frozen

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Fill cupcake liners slightly less than halfway.  Unwrap a reese cup and put it in the middle the batter, secure it in the batter but don’t mash it to the bottom of the liner, you’re not an animal.  Bake for 15 minutes and let cool.


2/3 cups peanut butter

2 sticks butter, softened

2 1/3 cup powdered sugar


Whip butter until creamy, about 3 minutes.  Combine with peanut butter and whip an additional 3 minutes.  Slowly add in the powdered sugar until fluffy, adding water if you need to thin it out.

Pipe on to the cupcake.  Eat.




Butterfly Cupcakes

Ok, so I’m a little late posting these, but whatever.  Suck it, fools.

So I made these little cupcakes for my niece’s first birthday party.  They turned out both adorable and delicious.  I mean, not to brag or anything but these were probably the best cupcakes in the entire world at that party.  My sweet chubby niece’s birthday is at the end of dreary horrible January.  What little girl wants a slush covered dull January grey birthday party?  Probably none.  Well, what 1 year old wants any kind of birthday party.  None.  One year olds can’t even not shit in their own pants, so you know, I think planning a birthday party is a little over their heads.

So… the party.  It was a super girly pink/pastel butterfly themed party.  I wanted everything colorful and bright and sweet and spring time.  I couldn’t think of a more light spring time cupcake than a lemony cream cake with raspberry icing.

mmmm lemony!

Lemon Supreme Cake

12oz cream soda

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Combine soda and cake mix and scoop into cupcake liners.  Bake for 15 minutes until golden brown.

1.5 small boxes of raspberry jello, unprepared

2 sticks of butter, softened

2 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla

Whip butter, jello, and vanilla until fluffy.  Seriously, do I need to say it.  About 3-5 minutes.  Stir in raspberry jello until combined.  I needed a lot of raspberry jello to get the flavor that I wanted, you can add more or less.  Or you can add some raspberry preserves or jelly instead of the jello powder.  My mom is kind of a baby about the seeds in raspberries so I had to add the flavor without putting seeds in.  The jello powder worked perfectly and it made the icing the most perfect vibrant pink color.

I piped the icing on the cupcakes once they were cool using a 1M tip.  Then I topped with some confetti sprinkles and a white chocolate butterfly.  I made a ton of those chocolate butterflies as candy for the party so I just stuck them on the cakes too.  They were an adorable addition.  Cute decorations with like, no effort.  I used a microwave and a freezer.  So easy, a baby could do it.  But they don’t because babies are notoriously lazy.

Happy First Birthday!!

I have an adorable sweet little baby niece and she turns one on Wednesday!  My mom and I threw her a butterfly themed birthday party today! We had all our family come and a few of my friends who have an investment in my niece in as much as I talk about her to them non stop.  She’s the happiest cheeriest sweetest little girl and I couldn’t have been more excited for her first birthday.


I went full out Martha Stewart Type A crazy with crafts and handmade candies and cakes.  Seriously.  I cut out butterflies and created a hanging butterfly chandelier.  I decorated paper lanterns with butterflies and made my own confetti.  I hung tissue paper pom poms from the ceiling.. it was all super adorable. I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.


I made cupcakes for the party, rather than making a full on birthday cake.  I’ll post the recipe and pictures in another blog post.

Of course I made baby’s first birthday cake with extra layers of icing so she could really dig in and get covered in it.  Sadly she didn’t get too crazy with the cake, but she was still cute licking the icing from her fingers.

She did a terrible job of blowing out the candles…


But she looked adorable eating the cake…

Happy First Birthday Kira!!!

A Love Letter…

The cake wasn't the only thing that was moist...


So my birthday was in July and my friend and my mom each got me a hand mixer.  They were both adorable and I was super excited about them.  I used the mixer my friend gave me ever since the day I got it.  That mixer and I had some good times.  We went to cake school together.  It was a friend.  Sadly, that mixer died yesterday.  It died an honorable death – whipping up the frostings for my niece’s birthday cake/cupcakes.  I was sad to see it go…

I opened up the mixer that my mom had given me.  This shining goliath of a hand mixer.  I put the beaters in and turned it on… it was possibly the most amazing sensation of my life.  The beaters, while delicate looking, were like magic as they whipped through the butter.  It was seriously the most erotic kitchen appliance I’ve ever held in my hands.  It was love at first plug-in.  I love this mixer.  I will promise to cherish and obey this mixer.  I hope this mixer is looking for rings and wants to have appliance-human babies with me.  Ugh, it probably doesn’t even know my name…


PS.  Aren’t those heart measuring cups adorable?



Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

may contain nuts

So I bought a baking stone from Bed Bath and Beyond the other day.  Why?  Because adults buy pizza stones and then never use them.  Its a fact of life.  I removed it from the packaging and out flopped a little recipe card for things you can bake on your pizza stone.  One of which was a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe.  So, you know, why not.

3/4 cup shortening (I used butter flavored crisco)

1 1/4 cup self rising flour

1/2 cup packed brown sugar

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup peanut butter

1 egg

2/3 cup chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Combine shortening, sugars, peanut butter, egg, and vanilla until mixed through.  Stir in flour until combined.  Add in chocolate chips.  I *MIGHT* have thrown in a handful of peanut butter chips that I had in the freezer.

Roll out dough into small balls, place on baking sheet, bake for 13 – 17 minutes until golden brown.


Now… I don’t particularly like these cookies.  I mean, they’re tasty, but not as delicious as I’d hoped.  I mean, sure, I’ll eat them… but meh.  I think its the crisco in them that the recipe called for.  I would normally substitute butter for crisco, but i had a few logs of it leftover from my cookie party before Christmas.  I wanted to get this crisco out of my life so I used it.  It just has that crisco effects on the cookies, a slightly oily taste and the cookies don’t flatten out and stay soft.  They get a little powdery, like a pie crust.

Anyway, these are good.  I won’t make them again.  I made the batter to keep in my freezer and make the cookies when I felt like it.  But I don’t want to be stuck with this dough until its gone.  I will probably bake a ton of them and take them into work and make my coworkers crisco-fat.

Diet Friendly Pudding Cups

doesn't taste like cardboard

Ok, so today is my first ‘detox’ diet day.  On this detox I’m allowed 2 containers of yogurt.  I decided that a container of sugar free pudding can replace a container of yogurt.  Its less calories and same amount of fat.  Don’t you worry how I justified this to myself.   Anyway, I’m also allowed egg whites, minimal amounts of butter/oils, and two cups of oatmeal per day.  So I concocted these mini ‘dessert crusts’ that I decided I’m allowed to have one per day.  I’m going to fill these cups with pudding or fruit and yogurt.

To make the oatmeal crusts

2 cups oatmeal

1/4 cup smart balance light, melted

6 tsp of splenda

1 egg white

Combine all ingredients.  Spray cupcake tin with non stick cooking spray.  Push oatmeal mixture and form ‘cups’ into the bottom of the cupcake tins.  Bake at 350 for about 15 – 18 minutes.  Let cool.  Makes 12 ‘cups’

Each of these crusts has 70 calories! The one I took a picture of was filled with 1/2 a sugar free pudding cup and a little bit of frozen chocolate cool whip. With those extra toppings the total calories of this snack was 110.  And it was delicious and sweet and I am looking forward to eating it again tomorrow.

Enjoy and stay skinny in 2012.