A Love Letter…

The cake wasn't the only thing that was moist...


So my birthday was in July and my friend and my mom each got me a hand mixer.  They were both adorable and I was super excited about them.  I used the mixer my friend gave me ever since the day I got it.  That mixer and I had some good times.  We went to cake school together.  It was a friend.  Sadly, that mixer died yesterday.  It died an honorable death – whipping up the frostings for my niece’s birthday cake/cupcakes.  I was sad to see it go…

I opened up the mixer that my mom had given me.  This shining goliath of a hand mixer.  I put the beaters in and turned it on… it was possibly the most amazing sensation of my life.  The beaters, while delicate looking, were like magic as they whipped through the butter.  It was seriously the most erotic kitchen appliance I’ve ever held in my hands.  It was love at first plug-in.  I love this mixer.  I will promise to cherish and obey this mixer.  I hope this mixer is looking for rings and wants to have appliance-human babies with me.  Ugh, it probably doesn’t even know my name…


PS.  Aren’t those heart measuring cups adorable?




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