Happy First Birthday!!

I have an adorable sweet little baby niece and she turns one on Wednesday!  My mom and I threw her a butterfly themed birthday party today! We had all our family come and a few of my friends who have an investment in my niece in as much as I talk about her to them non stop.  She’s the happiest cheeriest sweetest little girl and I couldn’t have been more excited for her first birthday.


I went full out Martha Stewart Type A crazy with crafts and handmade candies and cakes.  Seriously.  I cut out butterflies and created a hanging butterfly chandelier.  I decorated paper lanterns with butterflies and made my own confetti.  I hung tissue paper pom poms from the ceiling.. it was all super adorable. I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.


I made cupcakes for the party, rather than making a full on birthday cake.  I’ll post the recipe and pictures in another blog post.

Of course I made baby’s first birthday cake with extra layers of icing so she could really dig in and get covered in it.  Sadly she didn’t get too crazy with the cake, but she was still cute licking the icing from her fingers.

She did a terrible job of blowing out the candles…


But she looked adorable eating the cake…

Happy First Birthday Kira!!!


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